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Construction Mediation is not only mandated in many states before litigation can ensue but is a phenomenal option for resolving conflict.  The mediation process is inherently cooperative and results in an outcome that both parties agree to and ultimately, can live with. In addition, mediation reduces costs, stress, and wasted time for both parties.

When a construction dispute goes to court, all decisions will be made by the judge and a jury, taking power away from the litigants.  In mediation, both parties have the power to determine the outcome of the case. The collaborative nature of mediation allows for all positions and voices to be heard.   

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After a stellar career practicing law in Oklahoma and South Carolina, Kristi Harrington served as a South Carolina Circuit Court Judge for two terms before retiring in 2018.  During her time on the bench, she presided over a number of construction litigation cases. Her knowledge of relevant laws and procedures is invaluable. 

When you work with Kristi Harrington for Construction Mediation you will find a collected, dedicated, and passionate attorney who is committed to achieving the best possible result. Her experience and willingness to go the extra mile are unmatched in South Carolina. 

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